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Starting a Private Practice

I’m working on getting my private counseling/coaching practice going. Here is a list of resources I’ve acquired along the way that others may find helpful:

  • Norm Dasenbrook’s “The Complete Guide to Private Practice“. It’s a pretty comprehensive starting point that covers most of the issues you need to consider when starting up and planning your practice.
  • Lynn Grodzki’s “Building Your Ideal Private Practice“. Absolutely essential resource that covers the business side of a practice — and why marketing isn’t a dirty word.
  • James Horan’s “The One Page Business Plan for the Professional Consultant“. Helps you organize the planning part of your business; a lot cheaper than business school.
  • Get Clients Now! A 28 Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches”. A lot of good tips on marketing your practice and a good companion to the Horan book.
  • Tamara Suttle’s blog, “Private Practice from the Inside Out“. Good tips on starting your private practice, including some contrarian notions (she doesn’t believe in getting on insurance boards).
  • Walsh and Dasenbrook article, “Insurance Company Billing“. These guys do believe in getting on insurance boards; this article might help you get started.
  • These folks will help you get licensed in another state, or get on insurance boards (both for a fee, of course). So if you’re busy and have the budget for it, this can be a time saver. I’m in process of getting credentialed by three insurance companies.
  • Netsource. They’ll handle the billing part of your practice. They charge a percentage of what you collect. I have a Counsol account and plan to use them for submitting bills to insurance (once I get credentialed).
  • Counsol. For a monthly fee, you can manage your whole practice including billing and client interactions on their site. A reasonable alternative to hiring someone.
  • Psychology Today. For a monthly fee, you can have a listing on their Find A Therapist site. I’ve gotten a couple of calls this way.
  • Hushmail. HIPAA compliant secure email for communicating with your clients.
  • AmeriCenters. Virtual offices in four Midwestern states. I have a monthly account with them because I can schedule time slots after hours (unlike Regus).
  • Regus. Virtual offices in 900 cities worldwide. Unlike AmeriCenters, however, these are daytime offices only.
  • Ofer Zur, “The Complete Fee-for-Service Private Practice Handbook“.  Great resource for those who want to start a practice without dealing with managed care.
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