My personal blog. It’s a place where I can post about my personal interests in a format that provides more room than entries on Facebook. Here are links to my other sites:

WP Web Solutions – My web design practice, specializing in virtual communities, social networks, online learning, wikis, forums, custom content types, site user training, and knowledge bases.

Metier Online Counseling and Coaching – My limited counseling and coaching practice.

Coaches Together! – Online community for certified life and executive coaches, and those interested in certification. There will eventually be a Counselors Together! companion site.

Quad Cities Social Network – Online community for current and former residents of the Quad Cities.

This site was created with WordPress, using the Canvas theme by WooThemes, an easy to work with theme I’ve customized with a Carolina beach look. It’s hosted at SiteGround. Here are links to WooThemes Canvas, and a couple of hosting companies I recommend to my web design clients (these are affiliate links):

Canvas Theme

WPEngine Hosting (affiliate)

Siteground Hosting (affiliate)

Siteground’s cost is competitive with low-end hosting like Bluehost, but I recommend them because they have expertise in supporting WordPress sites. WPEngine is a higher-end host that only supports WordPress, and they do it all for you. More expensive, but worth it.