On The Road

I’m heading to South Carolina on vacation. First night … I have a room just south of the beltway south of Indianapolis tonight. As I drove from Naperville, I was struck by the amount of traffic I encountered and realized: it’s been 25 years since I headed this way on the road to the Carolinas, and 25 years since I moved back to Illinois from the South.

Do I miss it? Yes … but there’s a degree of fear mixed in with the anticipation: will it be anything like the South I remembered, do I still belong there? Part of the reason for my trip is simply a vacation; it’s been years since I went on a real vacation, and visited an area I am not familiar with.

I’m spending four days in Greenville, SC (where I’ve never visited) and four days in the Charleston, SC area (where I spent a decent amount of time when I lived in NC).

Tomorrow I hit the road again, driving to Greenville.

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